Every child with additional needs, or temporary difficulties, has the ability to prosper given the right therapeutic tools. At Special Me Paediatric Services, we believe in different abilities, not disability.

Jenna McBeath, Founder Special Me Paediatric Services

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Special Me utilises a holistic approach to helping children reach their potential. This approach is all encompassing and looks at all facets of a child’s life including: sleep; nutrition, behaviour reinforcement, emotional well-being, as well as addressing physical limitations through Prompt Based Therapy (PBT).

Why Special Me?

Special Me Paediatric Services may be right for you and your family if:

  • You have a child with physical impairments unrelated to a spinal injury: cerebral palsy, global development delay, muscle hypotonia, autism.
  • You feel your child is not reaching their potential or is being hindered by a diagnostic label.
  • Your child has problems with emotion regulation and tantrums.
  • Your baby won’t settle into a sleep or feeding routine.
  •  You find it difficult to travel to an appointment for your child. Special Me comes to you within the Sydney region.

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