Physical Rehabilitation

Prompt Based Therapy

Prompt Based Therapy (PBT) is an innovative technique designed by Jenna McBeath to facilitate physical rehabilitation in children without structural spinal injuries.  It is a blend of Jenna’s unique training and extensive experience.  PBT incorporates elements from Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), neuroplasticity, and rehabilitation. PBT is particularly useful for children with global development delays, muscle hypotonia and  cerebral palsy.

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Behaviour Management and Modification

Jenna has worked extensively with autistic children and other children who may have problems with emotion regulation, accepting no, or tantrum behaviour.  Jenna can work with the family unit to substitute more acceptable behaviours and to facilitate a more harmonious home life.

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NDIS Therapy Assistance

Jenna has worked extensively with autistic children and with children with other developmental disorders. She has worked extensively with speech therapists and occupational therapists in her previous roles. Jenna therefore possesses the necessary skills  to help implement your child’s prescribed  therapeutic  program at a cost effective rate.

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Sleep Training and Routine Guidance

Jenna is a highly experienced and highly skilled paediatric sleep consultant.  She utilises holistic, non-drastic methods to help get your little one to sleep. She looks at the entire picture surrounding bedtime. Jenna draws on well-established resources such as Gina Ford and Dr Karp but mixes these with her own psychology background to develop a highly individualised sleep plan which doesn’t involve lengthy cry it out methods.  She has extensive experience with high need and difficult babies, particularly those with reflux.

Jenna is also extensively experienced in preparing a written routine  for you to follow for your little one. This involves the optimum amount of  awake time for their age, appropriate nap lengths, and encouraging age appropriate play and development.

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Temporary Nanny Services

Jenna is a highly experienced career nanny who has worked all over the world with children of all ages.  Jenna has limited availability to provide temporary and contract nanny services.


For more details of specific cases, please see Jenna’s Success Stories.