Sam Jones

Sam, 6 years old.

Sam had been diagnosed with autism, severe global development delay, and hypotonia (lack of muscle tone). He was non- verbal, a full-time wheelchair user, and demonstrated little to no engagement with the environment or his family.

Given Sam had no spinal damage preventing physical rehabilitation, Jenna saw the potential for Sam’s rehabilitation utilising neuroplasticity principles. Over a six-week intensive therapy period, Prompt Based Therapy (PBT) was used to restore Sam’s movement and communication.

At the end of this period, Sam no longer required his wheelchair, bar walking for very long distances. He could also express through sounds a preference for one food over another. His personality began to shine through as he explored a new interaction with the world.  His new favourite activities were his siblings blowing on his face (cue hysterical laughter) and walking through the fountains at the water park (video below).

Testimonial from Sam’s parents:

Jenna has worked tirelessly with Sam to assist him in all aspects of his daily care.  During Jenna’s time working with Sam we have seen a transformation in his physical abilities, observational and relational skills that we never imagined possible.

Caroline Jones



sam’s transition: before and after treatment


sam’s transition: walking after treatment