Special Me Paediatric Services evolved out of what Jenna saw as a deficit of many therapies to fully address the potential of a child with additional needs. Too often Jenna saw frustrated and overwhelmed parents who felt their child was being dismissed with a diagnosis and not receiving adequate treatment. Indeed, many families had been told that the current state of deficits was ‘as good as it gets’ and that the child would not improve or regain any functionality.  From firsthand experience, Jenna knew this was not the case and that most children with additional needs possess the capability to prosper given the right therapeutic tools.  From there Special Me Paediatric Services was born- with the aim of improving the lives of children with additional needs and their families.

our approach

Special Me utilises a holistic approach to helping children reach their potential. This approach is all encompassing and looks at all facets of a child’s life including: sleep; nutrition, behaviour reinforcement, emotional well-being, as well as addressing physical limitations through Prompt Based Therapy (PBT).

meet the team

Jenna McBeath

Jenna is an internationally experienced paediatric behaviour therapist.  She has worked with children for over a decade in diverse roles including; autism therapist, youth worker, paediatric behaviour specialist and nanny. She has a degree in Psychology and has also been extensively trained in child and adolescent health. She is passionate about all things brain and neuroplasticity related and about helping children fulfill their potential. When she’s not being a brain nerd, Jenna enjoys hanging with her fur baby Bella and keeping fit.


Jenna’s Qualifications


  • Supported Family Time Training-  Family and Community Services (FACS)
  • Graduate Diploma of Psychology, Monash University Australia
  • Asthma and Anaphylaxis Certificate
  • Adult and Paediatric First Aid /CPR
  • International Nanny Association Qualification
  • Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Autism Training
  • Paediatric Autism Behaviour Management Training
  • Early Start Denver Model Autism Training
  • Food as Medicine, RMIT
  • Milestones of Youth Psychiatry conference, Germany
  • Psychological Disorders of Adolescents and Young Adults conference, Germany
  • Adolescent Psychology, Swinbourne University
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) from the University of New England